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Ahlan wasahlan Ya Ramadhan Kareem…

Ramadhan is around the corner…did we realise it?

did we ready for it to come?

did we prepare to welcome it?

few days from now, ramadhan will comes…when we think about Ramadhan,absolutely we will think about Eid..

everybody are busy thinking about new baju kurung,new songkong,shoes..and the most important thing is, BISKUT RAYA..Happy right?

and even, there are some of us have already finish preparing all of these  stuff…

but…few people are also very excited to welcome ramadhan…they do not think much about that stuff…but what are they think  is about, how they will spend the times through out Ramadhan?

The Messenger of Allah addressed his companions on the last day of Sha’ban,saying ,” Oh people!A great month has come over you:a blessed month:a month in which is a night better than a thousand months”(an nasai)

thats what Rasulullah told us..There is a night which is better than a thousand month. 1 night > 1 thousand month? how far is the comparison,rite??

however, it is absolute fact…Lailatul Qadar is a night where in some people they are waiting for that every year..A nite with full of our next step?did we dont dream for it? lets we struggle together to grab this oppurtunity that we can gain only  once in a year, in this one month only.

thus, from now..we can have our kick start for that..During this remaining sya’ban, make a new azam  what to achive during Ramadhan…As Ramadhan is actually a school for Insan… and hopefully we still have chance for Ramadhan this year..Insyaallah..

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